When billionaires get together in a paradise playground, I’d image its to schmooze over their fortunes and the success of their investments. Discuss how their innovative, tax exempt, million dollar projects will change the world. Gloat over there names being forged into the historical hard drives for their philanthropic endeavors. On to Nobel Peace Prize wins and nominations or the number of company acquisitions made while comfortably tapped into the artery of global banking.

As of late, The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, BigAgri giant, formerly known as Monsanto (now Bayer), The Syngenta Foundation, The Rockefeller Foundation and the government of Norway, share bragging rights for their investment in another biblical genesis of sorts.

If you haven’t heard of the Svalbard Seed Vault by now, it’s about time you did.

The Svalbard Seed Vault stores a “Garden of Eden 2.0.” Figuratively or literally is to be determined. The seed vault is situated along the Barnet’s Sea, on the Norwegian island of Spitsbergen, some 800 miles from the North Pole. A renovated mine turned multimillion dollar state of the art storage facility, the vault can house over 4.5 million seed samples. Currently there’s 1.5 million from 4,000 plant species. Wait. These seeds are not just any seeds. The seed bank is our “saving grace” to secure agriculture in case of a cataclysmic event. Yes…that includes life after ANY low IQ or deranged leader with a hairy nuclear trigger finger.

At the moment, never mind our pending doom or the supposed Illuminati’s “plan” to keep the world’s population at 500,000,00.

Tell me. Who should be concerned about billionaires and agricultural enterprises devising a plan to preserve our future existence? Who should be concerned that tycoons, partnered with BigAgri companies are banking away the starting blocks to re-propagate Mother Earth?

We should.

Something tells me the Svalbard Seed Vault is far from an investment born out of goodwill to humanity.

So I went digging for info. Not much pertinent information is provided about the seeds themselves except boring rhetoric about the number of strains of particular seed types, and filler intel about the importance of biodiversity. The Svalbard website states the project is a “global effort,” where “contributors or depositors” (nations) retain the rights to the seeds if needed. I get it, a bank.

In the Q&A portion of, the perfect question is asked.



Norwegian law, promulgated prior to the establishment of the Seed Vault and intended therefore to apply more generally to research and use of genetically modified organisms in Norway, effectively prohibits importation of genetically modified seeds and their storage in Svalbard at this time.”

At this time,” right. Doublespeak for subject to change or will be taken in consideration at a future date. Can you smell that?

But common sense suggests that since GMO’s BigAgri companies contributed their millions to the project, GMO seeds are deposited in the vault. If not, then BigAgri has access to the Noah-like “mother-load” of crop diversity. And since nations are not completely sold on GM engineering, these investors needs insurance on not just their investments but intensions.

Then I came across this:

“….Also, since no analysis of seeds is performed at the SGSV or required for deposits, the collections may actually be unintentionally (and unwittingly) contaminated. This is because a mixing with GM crops could have happened via seed or pollen flow before the material was sent to the vault.

There is no political will to include GM crops

Currently, no one in the SGSV management wants to become (any further) entangled in the controversy surrounding GM crops.”

So now Svalbard Seed Bank officials are blind to the seed deposits? They don’t want to deal with the “controversy…” What controversy? Tests show GM crops are safe, right? Hmmmm.

Which brings me to speculate, why did Big Agri companies and multi billionaire, GMO supporters invest in a vault that doesn’t approve of their science and product to begin with?

Safe to say, GMO is banked in the Svalbard vault, intentionally or as the above quote states, “unwittingly.” GMO seeds deposits ensures the likelihood of the world’s post-apocalyptic crops will be largely genetically modified plants. BigAgri elevates its middle finger to any nation that banned GMO goods. Congratulations GMO Empire, you bullied your way into having a stake in whatever life that exists after the shit hits the fan. This means all the questions and fuss over GM engineering, cross pollinated crops, mixed opinion regarding health risks, farmers lawsuits, food labeling and GMO bans…are all for naught. Monsanto’s, Syngenta and DuPont’s GMO technology has a stronghold on our future…at least for now.

What do we do in the meantime? Deal with it. I guess the way to press your philanthropic stamp on the pulse of humanity is to assert your “controversial” science upon the world via globally crisis. Who would question another’s humanitarian effort then? Eat GMO or starve? Checkmate.

But what about the GMO conscious…us quirky, food label reading, scientifically aware, post-modern, neo-hippies that give a damn about what’s going in our bodies? Surviving generations of the post-apocalyptic world won’t have a choice. Who knows if we’ll have labelled ingredients on goods or even stocked markets to shop? Who knows whether a USDA, FDA or World Health Organization to manage agriculture, food practice and trade will exist? Will an elite band of food police ration our food, forcing their will on the surviving the populous? Paranoid? Maybe. Regardless whether problematic, since we refuse to ask the right question we’ll have to accept whatever solution presented.

Picture this. Doomsday strikes. Imagine we’ll be thrusted back in time. The grid is busted and you can’t rely on an app to show you to the next juice bar for a triple green organic smoothie. Earth is a majority third world planet. Desperate. No more community gardens or farmers marts, no Wholefoods. Your hoofing it for miles over urban rubble, residential and industrial junkyards to minimally food stock warehouses for low grade bundles of GMO wheat, grain and produce. Wholesome foods will be rare, super expensive, afforded by the elite. Damn, that’s like present day, but image it a hundred times worse.

Now would be a good place to insert the possibility of a few heroic, doomsday prepping farmers who, despite the world relying on seeds from the multi-billionaire club; took the initiative to store some 100% organic seed samples of their own. I know, sounds like if the Book of Eli and Mad Max had intercourse, Rouge Farmer would be the love child.

Granted, the Svalbard Seed Vault is a good idea. The question is, a good idea for whom? What’s disturbing is feeling there’s an unknown that exists. Wondering whether someone or elected persons knows more in the grand design, the protocols or agenda for the future of food. There’s a long history of evidence that demonstrates the masses are not privy to full transparency. Fact.

Face it. An event sparking partial or global extinction is heavy. Why must we contemplate the possibility of a single food source as a “back up” in the event the world’s 1,700 smaller seed banks don’t survive? This source, now being the only source, not for humanitarian purposes but a means to control? In the end, I can give a rats ass that there’s “no evidence” food produced from GMO crops pose a consumer risk. Don’t force my hand to trust GM science, the billionaires, their foundations, mostly importantly, their intentions. I like the power of choice. The more choices the better. And hell yeah, I’m paranoid. When choices become few or eliminated, look to the players in charge.

After a hard look at the numerous controversies swirling around our food industry, one might ask, aren’t we being bullied enough?

What bigger boast can one make when the world’s future food supply has been secured by the very members who have the power to manipulate and destroy it?


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