Lift Off! “ApocaLips: Palace Of Exile” started as a simple concept to depict the vast decline in human relationships through true conversations, interactions and real encounters. After five grueling years in its making, and driven to near madness by the haunting yet inspiring voices dancing around in my head, this book has far surpassed my expectations. Finally, those voices made their escape by their contribution. This work boldly reaches into the depths of humanity, holding a mirror up to reflect and address the troubles of our human condition. My hope was to write a book for all. Unfortunately, ApocaLips only suits a selective group who embraces brute honesty, even at the cost of self exposure. This book will magnify one’s darkest feelings, views, and painful secrets if one allows it. Call this epic work, a societal truth serum. Plunge into crude admissions and gut wrenching confessions from the public on varying topics from: race, sex, religion, identity, government, drugs abuse, education, relationships, in graphic detail. The content is for those open-minded, courageous readers who’re willing to understand their microcosmic world has shaped them into becoming products of that world. But there’s something much greater, the human element of connection. ApocaLips reveals that no mater how we’re introduced into life, we do so as a human family, dysfunctional yet functioning. Ultimately, we’re responsible for the success or failure of our condition.

Finally I am able to share this work with the reading public. Writing is easy. Simply craft some cohesive paragraphs with a message and communication is achieved. Composing something of relevance, now that is an entirely different art. ApocaLips was conceived and birthed by you, the public. And with this blog, it remains.

This blog will not only serve as a promotional tool for ApocaLips, but a public forum. Let’s voice our honest societal or personal complaints, opinions, observations and educated rants. Let’s begin to understand each other.

Ah! Nearly forgot. Please order your copy of “ApocaLips: Palace Of Exile” today from my website: The title is available online with Barnes and Noble:

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